Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 285

Not sure if anyone else has been experiencing the craziness that always occurs when there is a full moon or not...but I am! Goodness gracious! Today was CHAOTIC. I mean, there is no other way to describe my work day. Everything that could go wrong, did. If there was a question to be asked, I heard it. If the papers on my desk had been an avalanche, you would still be digging me out! ha

 The conference room at work - thank goodness that end of the year cleaning out of files only happens once a year! haha I still have a few more boxes to fill and then gotta label and prepare the master list so they can be stored. Fun stuff I tell ya! ha

The good parts of the day included 2 new random Scentsy customers. Score! :) The other good part was completing W2D2 of C25K tonight. I did W2D1 last night and my legs were killing me...tonight they ached, but not like last night. I'm gonna finish this week's running tomorrow night as I won't be home Thursday and my Friday is jam-packed. I really just wanted to finish W2 before weigh in on Friday morning! ha Hoping for another big loss!

In other news, the cough is the only part of my sickness that remains. It's not a deep, chest cough...it's an annoying tickle in your throat kinda cough....which is making my throat feel dry despite all the water I've been drinking. I was losing my voice yesterday, but it's better today. After 2 basketball games this week/weekend, I'm sure it'll be gone again! ha

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