Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 284

Monday was a busy day...work was hectic and I was busy with Scentsy stuff. I had several people call/text after receiving their Scent of the Month Club mailing. What? You didn't get yours?? Better email me at emenchhofer@yahoo.com (cause it's awesome and it's FREE) with your mailing address to get next month's! In honor of everyone picking up January's scent, Linger, and the warmer, Valentine, I thought I'd include a picture! I'm slowly getting closer to my Scentsy goal of earning that FREE all-inclusive trip for me and a guest to Punta Cana!! I now need approximately $880 of sales by January 31st! It's a scary goal, not gonna lie. I am working and praying to make it happen. :)

Super cute! The red heart jewel hanging in the front glows when the warmer is on...there is a hole behind it for the light to shine through to light it up. Perfect item to help decorate your home leading up to the Valentine holiday! Visit my website at www.savorthescent.com to get yours!

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