Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 283

Sunday is usually my splurge day...and although I did not go overboard by any means, I definitely enjoyed a sweet treat today. :)

I had another hot toddy last night and slept like a baby with those clean sheets on my bed! I woke up without being stuffed up...progress! ha My cough has gotten a little worse, but I think it's because it is breaking up due to the meds. I was hoping to be over this cold before the work week started, but alas, that is not to be. I just hope to be feeling normal by Thursday since we have another Purdue basketball game. Speaking of Purdue...they played like crapola against Penn State, but they are tearing it up tonight against Minnesota. Boiler Up! Today I completed W1D3 of C25K and then walked an additional 1.24 miles to finish the equivalent of a 5K. I was definitely worn out, but it felt good! I've done 7 miles of my 1,000 mile goal for the year...ha...I am gonna have to kick it in gear!

Toby got a haircut and a bath today. It was not pretty. Some weeks he does so well (he gets a bath every week) and others he is just downright ornery. Argh. I nicked his ear with the electric trimmer. It barely bled, but of course he wasn't too happy with me. We're still trying to get the spot under his eye cleared up. He finished his antibiotics awhile ago, but he has super weepy eyes. Not really much to be done about that. We're just keeping his face trimmed extremely short, bathing him every week and scrubbing his face, and using Neosporin every night on that spot.

It must not have been our day...I cut Toby. Mom decided that she would try to get the wax off my Scentsy tablecloth (people never believe that the wax is in the warmers and somehow they always dribble wax all over my tablecloth!), but she didn't do it the right way and burned a hole in it with the iron. Then we were making dinner and she grabbed the 1 cup measuring cup so I could measure out my portion. I am being very diligent about portion size for points! It is a pretty heavy duty measuring cup and I guess with her brute strength, she broke the handle off of it. hahaha We both laughed so hard. I have no clue how she did it!?! Needless to say, I'll have to pick up a new set at the end of the week when I go grocery shopping.

And another shameless plug - PLEASE go purchase some Scentsy this month from my website! :) Pretty please?!? I am $988 in sales away from my goal of earning the All-Inclusive trip to the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for me and a guest! I have until January 31st to reach my goal. All orders are extremely appreciated! Thanks dears!

It's gonna be a somewhat busy end to the week...I'll hopefully have lots of fun stuff to update you on! Well, it's fun to me, you probably don't give a rat's ass! ha ;)

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