Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 282

It's been quite the busy day around here!

For starters...I am feeling marginally better. The hot toddy didn't kill me, and although not cured, I do feel better for it! ha I slept all night and was even able to sleep in this morning. Once I got up, Toby and I enjoyed some cuddle time on the couch. I enjoyed a cup of black coffee (yum!) and made out my To Do list. Then I proceeded to tackle said list...dusting, vacuuming, febreezing, doing laundry (including bedding), and I de-cluttered along the way! I threw out 2 bags of stuff that no longer needed to be in my life and it felt AWESOME. :) I was worn out. And so was Toby. He HATES the swiffer duster and the vacuum. Oi. After a bite to eat for lunch and some more laundry, I took a few minutes to catch up on emails and computer work. This afternoon I even felt like doing a little exercise! I hopped on the treadmill to complete W1D2 of C25K. I definitely went at a slower pace than usual, but it felt good and was still a sweaty workout. ha I showered and got comfy, had dinner, and now it's a take it easy night. I'm busy channel flipping between Celtic Woman (seriously, I've seen all their performances and it's dorky PBS, but I love it!) and the Saints game (go Drew!!). For those who don't know, Drew Brees is a Purdue grad (Boiler Up) and so is one of the Lions players (Cliff Avril), but this is for sure a Saints home! 

 my fortune from today's chinese lunch - pretty accurate! ha

see....I told ya Toby is EXHAUSTED...poor baby ;)

Also, if anyone could invite me to join Pinterest, I'd be very appreciative! I'm sure I'll regret it and be addicted, but I know there are lots of great Weight Watchers recipes on there and I'm trying to expand my food options!


  1. Thanks for finding me on Twitter :)

    I can invite you to Pinterest, if you still need an invite! Just send me your email. Mine is I recently joined, but I'm not fully addicted yet. I'm having a hard time getting the hang of it.

  2. I love fortune cookies! And you got a really good one!

    I hope you feel better soon! And DON'T ask me for an invite. I refuse to join Pinterest! I just know I'd get sucked into pinning and no one would see me for months. ;o)



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