Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 287

Oh it's a sad day when you travel 5 hours round trip to a basketball game...and your team LOSES. It is an up and down year for the Boilers. Last game (a road game) they killed it and looked like an unstoppable team. This game, which is the first home game they've lost in 2+ years (to a team, Wisconsin Badgers, that hasn't won a game on our court in about 10 years) walked in and massacred us! The boys fought back within inches, but the last tv break zapped all their drive and we went home with a L in the column. The only upside to the evening was that the hated Indiana Hoosiers also lost at home that the team Purdue just beat! Go Minnesota Gophers!! :) We were definitely cheering in the car as we followed the updates on the IU game. hahaha I love to see that red and white team lose! Aren't in-state rivalries great? ha :)

The drive up to West LaLa wasn't bad at all, but the drive home left something to be desired. I drove around 48-60 mph most of the way from West L to Indy. Thank goodness Indy to home was clear, albeit windy, which had me just below the normal speed limit.

walking back to the car - I don't miss the bitter cold winds on campus!

KENNY!!!!!!!!!!! (you have to be a South Park fan to understand) ha

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