Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 289

Saturday was a fun day in the life of E1! haha

I started the day by sleeping in...and it was much needed. I am still fighting a lingering cough and my voice is scratchy. The sleep helped, but not enough. I also managed to get a treadmill workout in and completed W3D1 of C25K. I warmed up leftovers for lunch and got myself ready for the day.

I spent the rest of the day in Indy. Jen and I had dinner at Scotty's Brewhouse (yum! one of our faves) with 2 of Jen's friends (one who is a distant cousin of ours). All 4 of us girls had tickets to the Pacers/Celtics basketball game that evening. Two former Boilermakers (JuJuan Johnson, aka JJ and E'Twaun Moore, aka Smooge) are in their first year of their professional career and they just so happen to play for the Boston Celtics. It was exciting to see them come home to Indiana and play to a crowd that was cheering for them! JJ had a suite for his family and friends (he bought 60 tickets), some of which included a handful of the Purdue men's basketball team. It's always nice seeing the boys out enjoying themselves and it appeared they were...until they got mobbed by fans after the game! ha One of the sports bloggers, Hammer and Rails (aka T-Mill), was the one who coordinated the Purdue fan night with the Pacers. He originally thought they'd sell about 50 tickets. They instead sold 427!!! :) We are a loyal bunch! It was a blast watching the game with a bunch of Boilermakers and then having a special post-game chat with JJ and Smooge. The boys walked onto the court to a chorus of Hail Purdue and answered a few questions from the crowd. It was obvious they were overwhelmed with the support of a few hundred fans! A great time was definitely had by all...and we'll be repeating the experience in April when the Celtics come back to Indy. Hopefully next time they'll beat the Pacers! ha

Jen & I before the game

view from our seats

Smooge dribbling the ball towards the goal

JJ entering the game (mid bottom in the green)

T-Mill welcoming the boys back to Boiler Nation!



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