Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 299

Tuesday marked yet another mad dash to West LaLa after work to go to the Purdue basketball game against Michigan. Unfortunately, it was a tough 2 point loss. Those are worse than blow-outs. If we could just get a game where we don't start off with 6 fouls on us to 1 on them, it would be freaking amazing! ARGH! It's our home court and somehow the refs have it out against us. Big Ten officials are some of the worst. To make matters worse, we had the world's most annoying elderly alumni couple sitting behind us...and they didn't know a damn thing about our team. Near the end, I told the lady off. Jenna was laughing and couldn't believe I'd waited so long. (I might be slightly mouthy. hahaha) Nothing irks me more than people attending the games just to say they were there!! On another note, the boys wore their silver/grey unis and most of us are not fans. Silver isn't even one of our colors! What happened to the gold unis? This seems to be the year of the wild team unis - started back in football and was the weekly story on Yahoo around the nation and now a lot of stories are popping up about basketball.

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