Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 300

Woohoo! Only 165 more days to go! Some days this has been an easy task and others, not so much. Nevertheless, it's been a fun project and I would encourage others to take a Project 365 challenge!

Well, on to Wednesday's events...and what an awesome way to spend my 300th day! Scentsy Spring Sprint!!

Oh, just read how I was at Purdue Tuesday night? And now I'm saying I was in Lexington, KY on Wednesday? Yep, I was a tired girl...but an excited one! :) I worked 2 hours Wednesday morning so I could get the daily reports done. Then I met one of my team members, Sydney, in Lawrenceburg. We cruised on down to Lexington and had lunch with my cousin, Zach, at this awesome diner called Meadowthorpe Cafe! Don't you just love hole-in-the-wall places? This was definitely one of 'em! So good though! After that, Sydney and I attended a full afternoon of Scentsy fun! To top off an already great day (I mean, the training and surprises were AWESOME)....the owners of the company, Heidi & Orville Thompson, were there! They randomly show up at a few of the events each year and we happened to be the first one they attended this year. :) It was my first time being in their presence and I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I feel because of this experience. I've always known and believed Scentsy was an amazing company, but Heidi & Orville are so genuine and down-to-earth...they could be your next door neighbors. Fun day! I am so pumped about all that is going to be happening this year with Scentsy!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH! :) :) :) I don't want any of you to miss out on a positive experience that could bring extra money to your family. What are you waiting for?? I'd be happy to answer questions for anyone considering joining Scentsy and would of course, LOVE to have you on my team! We are taking Scentsy by storm!


I did take LOTS more pictures, but most of them were of the new products and it's not quite time to reveal those you'll just have to wait to see more! ;) ha

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