Friday, February 3, 2012

5QF - 2/3

Happy February everyone! I can't believe we're already into the second month of the year! Time has been flying by...I don't think I want it to slow down, but I also can't seem to get caught up. ha

I lost 0.2 pounds this week! Disappointed that it wasn't more and that I am 4 pounds shy of my goal, but I gave it a good effort!

And now for some 5QF of the questions came from me. :)

- - -

1. What have you done recently that you are proud of? most recent accomplishment that I am proud of would definitely be having earned the Scentsy Incentive trip to the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I am sooo excited!! It's an all-inclusive, one week trip in June. I can't wait to take one of my family members!

2. What is your favorite way to work out? Or if you don't workout, what are you wanting to try?

I love to run on the treadmill and feel like my legs can't possibly take another minute and still be able to pull it out. I like tough workouts that make you sweat your ass off and you leave feeling exhausted. I still really want to try Zumba and pilates or yoga. My cousin is working to become a certified Spin Instructor and I'm sure that would kill me, but I would still like to try it.

3. If you knew your best friend was cheating on their spouse, would you tell?

I would think so, but that is a loaded question with so many weird scenarios that could play out. As the child of divorced parents (one who cheated), I have a lot to say on this topic and most of it is not good.

4. If you could afford a live-in maid or nanny, would you have one?

A maid would be great! Seriously, I hate dusting and I have to do it all the time because of allergies. I like things super clean and it would be great to not think about it, but just have someone come take care of it for me. Oh to dream.... ;)

5. Do you stress out about birthdays (specifically the age) or do you enjoy them?

I love birthdays! Well, maybe not LOVE, but I don't mind them. Age is just a number...and yes, I'm saying that even as I approach my 30th birthday. haha I have a lot of friends who have freaked out about it and I'm trying to plan something fun for my friends to do!


  1. Congrats on winning the trip!!! That'll be so much fun!!!! How do you decide who to take with you?

    I would LOVE a maid, too! But probably not a live-in one. That would get weird after awhile...

    1. Well, I am most likely taking my sister and we're hoping that we'll be able to get another room for my mom (& possibly my cousin). Mom would prefer to relax and not do the dinners/events Scentsy has planned for us! ha

  2. You would like Zumba, if you have a good sense of humor about looking like a fool in front of a crowd. It's an AMAZING workout though, one of the very best cardio workouts you can get.

    Congrats on winning your Scentsy trip! I'm jealous!



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