Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 309

Where, oh where do I begin with the fun of my Friday?!?! :)

I just have to say that the word of the day was AWESOME. Thinking about Friday still makes me smile! It will probably make me laugh for some time to come. And whenever anyone asks about the adventures of Friday, my sis and I both reply was AWESOME! hahaha

So, as most of you will remember, I was working hard to get down to 260 pounds before Friday. I fell shy of my goal, I ended up at 264, but still very proud of myself. I had tickets to do the Super Bowl Zipline Friday night and they had a weight limit of 275. I wanted to be on the safe side of that number, especially since they weighed you as the first step in the process! Luckily, with shoes, coat, gloves, winter wear, a camera, phone, etc strapped onto myself...I only weighed in at 267. something! Whew. :) On a side note, I always blame my shoes and accessories at the doc's office for my weight (in the past), but can't really do that anymore! ha So after waiting in line, being weighed, signing the consent waiver, getting harnessed, donning an oh-so-cute helmet, and hiking up 14 flights of stairs....we made it to the summit of the zipline tower! From there it was a short chat with the adorable Aussie guy who hooked me up to the zipline (and calmed lingering nerves) before I took a deep breath and plunged down the 800 foot zipline over the massive crowd on Capital Street in downtown Indy/Super Bowl Village! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It was freakin' amazing!!! No words to describe the adrenaline high after it was done! It was a short ride and I would have loved to have gone again. haha So thankful to my sister for buying the ticket for me as a Christmas gift (because they were sold out EVERY day) and for our friends, Reid & Nicole, being there to cheer us on from the ground. Here's some pictures and links to videos of our adventures!

view of Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Colts & Super Bowl) from top of the zipline tower

so much fun to go back at night & see everything lit up!

 my ticket!!

oh yeah...forgot to mention...I won a $100 gift certificate to my fave Indy brewhouse by wearing their gear on the zipline & tweeting my pic! woohoo!! (my sis got one too!)

the end of my ride!i=1699686285&k=7kM7Mtp

 my sister's zipline experience!i=1697837114&k=SPWpbtD

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  1. Oh awesome! I know you were so counting down and looking forward to this day, so glad it was as fun as you'd hoped!
    Plus, that's a great added bonus that you won the $100 giftcard just for a tweet pic.



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