Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 310

Losing weight means constantly replacing my wardrobe. It's an expensive part of the weight loss process, but one I am loving. I have NEVER been a shopper. Mostly because it's a real pain to find cute clothes, let alone clothes that fit, when you are overweight. Saturday afternoon, I went shopping and found some great buys to add to my wardrobe/replace things that are worn out and too big. It was pretty exciting! I can foresee that this new joy for shopping is going to be a major hindrance on my bank account. haha ;)

Jenna and I also made the trek to West LaLa for the Purdue vs Indiana basketball game. It was a disappointing loss. Another in which the refs pretty much handed to us on a silver platter. I mean, can we not get one good ref crew?!? ARGH! It's so frustrating to be playing on your home court and watch every call go for the other team. Even some of the IU fans seated around us couldn't argue the bad calls made against Purdue. Oh well. It's even more of a bitter loss because the two schools are mortal enemies. No seriously. It's one of the biggest rivals in all of college sports. Look it up! :p

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