Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 311

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

I know some of you are only watching tonight's tv festivities for the commercials (which I always forget to watch) and others of you are in it for the game. I am one of the game watchers...hoping for a Manning/Giants win in Indy! :) If it can't be Peyton, at least it can be his baby bro! ha

Today I drove back home from my weekend in Indy. I have done laundry. I've unpacked my bags. I cleaned out my car, which was sorely needed! I got my blog updated from the weekend's events. I have spent a lot of time playing with Toby. He has been quite rambunctious today! Tonight I'm enjoying a glass of wine while watching the Super Bowl. Just hoping I don't fall asleep because I'm already exhausted as it is! ha

clean car!

little bug playing tug

glass of TN wine ;)


  1. ah I'm lovin' the TN wine! Is that from the Apple Barn in Sevierville?

  2. Yay for TN wine!!!! Did you like it??

    Well, your team won!! I didn't have a preference, but Cory was going for the Giants. Normally, I try to go for whoever he doesn't like, just so we can keep things interesting during the game. :o)



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