Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 332

Today I am extremely exhausted (our date was a late one due to him working - we didn't get back to his town until midnight!). The nap yesterday threw off my sleep pattern and I had a hard time sleeping last night.

Thought I would take a picture to show you my left eye. By the way, this is completely normal. It looks bad, but honestly it doesn't hurt at all. There was NO pain whatsoever involved in the Lasik procedure. I dare say, I wasn't even "uncomfortable" as they say you may feel some pressure during it. Anyway, when the laser restructures the surface of your eye, it can cause bruising in the form of blood spots. Each eye has it, but my left eye is more noticeable than the right.

Sorry for how scary I look. I am not allowed to wear eye makeup (no rubbing your eyes) for 1 week and since I'm at home bummin' today...I have no makeup on at all! That's worse than having to wear my glasses all last week...and no, I'm not kidding!! Everyone always thinks I look like I'm sick when I don't have mascara on or my eyes done, so it will most likely be a long week! Side note: I hated going out on the date last night feeling "undone" without my full makeup, but electrician boy is a sweetheart and kept reiterating how good I looked. ha He's good for my ego! ;) Regardless, he's been thinking about Lasik too, so he was more than interested to hear about the whole process.


  1. haha that does look a little creepy, not gonna lie. But I've had friends do lasik before and you actually look better than I remember them looking. So glad you had fun on your date! He sounds precious.



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