Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Doldrums & Randoms

The Doldrums

Yesterday I was feeling a bit in the dumps. I'm not really sure what caused may be the gray, dreary days we've been experiencing (I so need my vitamin D from the sunshine!), the constant on-the-go lifestyle I've led since September 2011, or maybe even the fact that "the boy" I've been talking to/the one I went out with is away for work and literally snowed under paperwork which means little texting/talking for us.

All day Tuesday I was FREEZING. I mean I was shivering. I even had the little heater I keep under my desk turned on...the whole stinkin' day! Last night I got home and was not feeling any better, so I took a nap. A nap!?! Okay, that is the number one sign my body has had enough and needs a break! So for an hour I zonked out on the couch with my front of the heater. I was feeling marginally better after the nap, but still felt "out of it."

Today isn't really a whole lot better, but this week that is dragging on forever is now at the half-way point! YAY! ha

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The Randoms

Scentsy - my Scentsy team is growing and I'm so excited! My team members have been adding to their teams, which in turn adds to mine. This is a great month to get started with your own Scentsy business because it's a transition month, which means you get more for your money!! :) If you want to know what all you normally get, check out this link and this send me an email at for more information! I'd love to have you join my team. BIG things are happening in Scentsy this year, including new product lines and I can't wait! This is the point at which Silpada sold out to Avon, Pampered Chef sold out, the fact that Scentsy decided to take a chance on it's consultants and give ALL of us more opportunities to financially provide for our families, is pretty impressive. Heidi & Orville could have banked a boat load of cash by selling out, but they didn't. They started Scentsy as a one-last shot kinda thing when they were $700,000 in debt. Yes, you read all those zeros correctly! Don't you want the chance to make a difference in your own life??

Purdue played Ohio State last Ohio State. I am supremely proud of the boys for hanging in there and giving the nuts a run for their money!! They almost pulled off the upset and even though they lost, it was a great game! For starters, DJ had a game high and Kelsey dunked on Sully! Would have loved to have been there in person. ha

And back to the doldrums, I think I need to start visiting the tanning bed again. I bought a package awhile back (like 2-3 months ago) but haven't used it. Plus there is another special going on right now, so if I buy another package on sale, I'll be good for awhile. I know, I's bad for me. To be honest, I just don't care. ha Even the fake-bake boosts my energy level with all that placebo vitamin D!

Okay, enough of my rambling. Should probably get back to work...hahaha...yeah, right! It's pretty quiet here today.


  1. I've been taking a Vitamin D3 supplement (400units/day) as a recommendation from my doctor, and it's quite nice. We've had the exact same weather lately and it's horrible!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. I should probably look into the Vitamin D supplements. ha And thank you, feeling better this evening...but it's been a mind-blowing day. (if you saw my twitter posts, you probably have an idea! ha)



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