Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 358

Friday was a busy, busy day! And you don't want to know how many miles I put on my car! ha

I started the day at work...I love 4 hour Fridays! :) Then I made a few stops before driving to Indy. I had to go to my doctor's office to get some bloodwork done. The lab tech joked that it must feel like she was draining me - 4 vials! ha It is just for a general health screening. I should have all the results this next week although it'll be more for my doc's use than my own.

I had to drive in this crappy weather ALL day. From southeastern IN to northeastern IN. Ick!!

Friday night my dear friend, Kayla, hosted a Scentsy party for me. I was so excited to go up to see her family. I arrived in time to chat with Justin while he swept the garage and then got to love on sweet baby Miranda as she was waking up! Then Jaden showed off his despicable IU cup (really, she's brainwashing those children for the wrong Indiana team! ha) to me when he got home with Justin's mom, Cheryl. I even got to see Kayla's friend, Angie, who I have known for the past few years thanks to a Mary Kay party. So much fun. Thanks for having me up!! Can't wait to see you again...hopefully sooner rather than later!

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