Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 359

Friday night after the party, I drove back to Indy to stay at Jenna's. We slept in on Saturday morning and then got ourselves ready for a lunch splurge at Scotty's Brewhouse. Yum! I do love that place. It's one of my favorite restaurants anywhere! Noelle joined us. Then after lunch, I went to Noelle's apartment for her Scentsy Launch Party. :)

I finally left Indy in the middle of the afternoon to make the drive home (and also stopped to buy this week's groceries). There was some crazy heat lightning on my drive Friday night and Shelbyville area saw the worst of it...they had so much hail (it looked like snow) that they actually shut down the interstate. A little of it was still left Saturday afternoon.

When I got the car unpacked, it was time to load up again. Argh! ha I'm kind of tired of being in the car. Mom said she'd go with me to see the Hunger Games movie. I read all 3 books. It was a good movie, but they left out what I felt were key characters and a few key narrations. I understand they can't narrate it like they do in the book, but if I hadn't already explained it to my mom, I think she would have been lost. After the movie, she said...well, crap, now I have to see the other movies when they come out! hahaha


  1. So.. the Hunger Games.. would you recommend buying the books? Will I ever read them twice.. or are they single read books?

    1. I really enjoyed the books, but I borrowed them. ha My cousin had purchased them for the Kindle, so she "loaned" them to me. I never reread a book (well pretty much never), so I don't know that I'm the best person to ask that.

  2. I was driving in Shelbyville Friday (coming home from seeing the Hunger Games) when the hail started coming down. You're right, it was crazy!!



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