Friday, March 16, 2012

Days 342-349

Okay, okay.....I am WAAAAYYYYY behind! Did you ever think you were gonna hear from me again? haha

*sigh* Alright, well, be prepared. This post is gonna be pictures and minimal explanation. Suffice it to say that I've been busy living life! So many bloggers have been talking about finding the balance and I thought I had found it, but when I started adding some other things back into my life that are important to me (more Scentsy events and dating so I will one day find my Mr. Right), I have learned that I was living a bleak existence. ha Not really, but definitely not as fulfilling as it is right now!

I'm sorry for being a wayward blogging buddy and not commenting on everyone's posts....but rest assured, I have been reading them! :) I cannot go a day without reading about what is going on in your lives. I just don't have time to post about mine. haha Seriously. I usually read blogs during the day at work, but don't have my pictures saved there, so I never bother with mine.

I have been swamped with Scentsy (and loving it!). I have added 2 new team members this month already - welcome to my wonderful friend, Noelle, and to a new friend, Lindsey, that found me thanks to prior giveaways! I had my first event of the year this past Sunday and it went really well for it being their first time doing it. I outsold every other vendor, much to their chagrin! haha :p I have a party at my dear friend, Kayla's, at the end of next week! I can't wait to see her and the rest of the Moneyheffer family!

I am still dating electrician boy (aka the dad). So many stories I could tell you on this front, but I'm just gonna say that I am happy right now. It's one week at a time...sometimes I take it a day at a time. It's not easy to date someone with a kid, but so far he's trying really hard to make it work despite the fact we are not exclusive.

And without further ado....the pictures!!

Day 342

Toby got a haircut & bath...then proceeded to roll on the floor (per usual)

Day 343
post office did a great job getting this to me! :(

Day 344
so tired of this view through town

Day 345
my sweet lil boy cuddling with me

Day 346
1st Scentsy booth of the year + fantastic weather!

Day 347
putting things away the day after the event & reorganizing for the new catalog

Day 348
my eye "bruising" has gone away! yay!!

Day 349
enjoying a night out on the deck with mom thanks to the fab weather

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  1. Congrats on all the Scentsy business! That's amazing!!! I know you're proud of yourself!

    And I don't think anyone ever needs to apologize for real life interfering with blogging. Life needs to come first...always! (Congrats on the bf, by the way!)

    I just followed you on pinterest! I'm still trying to get that whole thing figured out...



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