Friday, April 20, 2012

5QF - 4/20

YAY! It's the weekend again! haha I know, I know...I haven't blogged at all this week. Guess what? Nothing much happened. I live a pretty boring life most of the time. ;) I will hopefully have lots to post in my weekend recap again...I have some things planned, but it'll mostly be a quiet weekend when I hope to accomplish quite a bit on my To Do list. That darn list keeps growing too! Cross one item off and 2 more appear. haha Vicious cycle. I do have an update on the boy situation that only a few of you have been privy to thanks to twitter. I'll try to get that post knocked out this weekend.

In other news...I am sad to say that I gained 1.8 pounds this week. In all actuality, I gained 3.4 pounds last weekend (too much beer, but boy was it fun!) and managed to lose 1.6 of it, but alas I am still up from where I ended last week. It's kind of frustrating because this 50 pound weight loss marker keeps tripping me up! I have been back and forth to this point several times since last August when I initially hit it...I am gonna have to figure something out to get down from here!

And now on to some 5QF of the questions is again mine! :)

- - -

1. Groceries are high now, what is the easiest way you have found to cut back?

Honestly, I haven't cut back any. This past year I have actually done more grocery shopping than ever before (we were an eat out sorta family, it was the easy way out) and I don't mind spending the money on healthy food options in the store over fast food.

2. What are the top 3 things on your "bucket list"?

This is a tough question. I've always had a Bucket List formed in my mind, but I've never written it down. Not true, it was saved in my old phone on a note, but alas that phone is no more and I forgot to copy that note to the new phone! *sad face* I guess somewhere at the top of my list, not necessarily top 3, would be - running a 5K, traveling Europe, and living debt free.

3. Would you rather give up AC or heat?

I would give up heat, without a doubt. I hate loathe being hot & sticky! You can always add more layers, but you can only take so many off! haha

4. What's your favorite cocktail?

I guess my favorite is still vodka & cranberry juice. I do like all sorts of mixed drinks, but if I'm out at a bar, that will be my go-to order because it's hard for them to screw that up. haha

5. What was your first job & how old were you?

I've had so many jobs it would make your head spin! :p My first job would probably be working on the farm...when I was itty bitty (like maybe 4 at the oldest), my dad and his family were expanding their farming operation (we had a 500 head sow operation, farrow to finish - if you don't know anything about it, it was a big farm! ha). We were building 3 new farrowing houses and my job was to lay down all the pieces, in order, to put the stations together (gates & the belts). My grandma would then put them pieces together and my dad would follow behind and tighten it all up. It's my first memory of helping on the farm and I was pretty darn proud of myself! ha My first REAL paid job (besides babysitting) was when I was 14 and was a dishwasher on the weekends at a local restaurant/pub. Good stuff I tell ya! ha I hated that job, but the people made it enjoyable.


  1. I'm with you that I'd rather give up heat! Being hot is the worst! You need to use this boy situation to plow through your workouts. maybe it can be motivation??

  2. I love that you grew up working on the farm. We would occasionally go visit my grandparents family farm growing up, but never more than 2-3 times a year.

    I hope you can get past the weight loss wall it appears you've hit! I agree though - you gotta let loose every now and then. You deserved that fun night out even if it did make you gain!

  3. Love the top three on your bucket list! And I hate being hot too.



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