Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has come...and almost gone. Not sure why they go so quickly and the work week takes so long. ;) haha

Follow along with the pictures and get a brief description of this weekend's adventures! It was much needed.


Haircut - rockin' bangs now

Dinner at bd's - yum!!

And then we needed dessert...mmm...Coffee!

Listening to The Cousin Brothers play at The Melody Inn


Sister Day!!

Brew Bracket at the State Fairgrounds = AWESOME

participants sampling the wheat beers & voting for their faves

trekked to Purdue for some more fun - ala Piano Bar with Bruce!

Ryne Smith (Purdue bball senior) grabbing a bite to eat

West LaLa has a new food truck called BigCheeze (omg...yum!)
Saturday night's special was a grilled cheese sandwich with mozzarella sticks & marinara in it...and yes, it was amazing!


Boogie Burger's garlic fries :)

I finished my Sunday with grocery shopping, laundry, a 2.5 mile walk outside (boy was it hot!), and an ionic detox.

All in all, I am feeling so much better about a lot of things. There are still changes I hope will be happening, but I'm not gonna hang my happiness on those changes. I am going to keep doing what I do and hope that God has a plan for my chaotic life! :)


  1. Okay all the delicious food you had over the weekend is making me hungry as I read this. I absolutely love your bangs - it's always fun to mix it up!

  2. Fun weekend! Love the bangs - you are rockin' hot with them!

  3. :) Ahh.. I LOVED the Cactus and Bruce! Howl at the Moon's are fun.. but NOT the same! Glad you had a good weekend.. and umm.. why wasn't that food truck there, oh, I don't know.. say 9 years ago!?



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