Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Happy List

I've been noticing several of my bloggy friends posting their happy lists on a weekly basis. I've not done this yet, so I thought I would give a general update of my life the past 2 weeks via a list and since I've been so happy, I think it would qualify as a Happy List! haha ;)

1. AxMan - Seriously, things could not be better with him. I see him every single day. The week we spent apart while I was in Punta Cana nearly killed us (not really, but ya know we felt like it did! ha). We stayed in touch via technology thanks to the resort's wifi! I cannot ever remember being this content before. I am happy no matter what we're doing...sleeping, watching a movie, making dinner together, riding in the car to get his daughters, fixing his vehicle, or talking to our parents. I have met quite a few of his relatives (parents, sis, nephews, cousins, grandmas, uncles, aunts, etc). The girls and I treated him to some special surprises for Father's Day. He got a goody bag with his favorite treats (dunkin sticks, chex mix, dried apricots, movie passes) as well as breakfast in bed! We made him homemade waffles...and he LOVED it. :) We have had lots of serious discussions and there isn't much we haven't openly talked about. Love that he is a communicator!! Anyway, things are good. Keeping my fingers crossed that he's around for quite awhile...and funny thing is, he is the same way hoping I'll stay around!

2. Katniss & Lorraine - If you've been following me for any length of time, you know how much I was hoping and praying to find a single man who had no kids...well, sometimes God has different plans for your life! The truth of the matter is that I love kids (it's no secret I want my own one day), but I really didn't think I wanted to deal with another person's drama. It's been surprisingly easy. No, it's not always a walk in the park. His ex is crazy and is a scream-it-out/slam-the-door-in-your-face type and we've been privy to this already (this week actually). The girls; however, are awesome. I adore them to pieces! I enjoy spending time with them and see them quite often. They ask me to spend the night on their nights and I sometimes do...they think it's a big ol' slumber party! They hug me now. They ask to ride with me and do things with me (without their dad). Apparently, they have even told AxMan that they love me. That's pretty awesome because I love them too...all 3 of them!

 The girls doing a face peel & mask the first night in dad's new apartment!

3. Mom - My mom is awesome. If you haven't met her in real life, you're missing out. Just ask Jen or AxMan, she's the "cool mom." No joke! ha She's been great about this important relationship in my life and is so good to AxMan and the girls. Despite having dealt with her own heartbreak in the past (my parents' divorce), she is still the one who is showing me how to be generous and understanding.

4. Weather - I am not normally a fan of the HOT weather. I do enjoy the sunshine, just viewing it from the indoors on these 90-100 degree days! Whew. That is a little too hot for me to be outside. haha

5. Scentsy/Velata - How could I not include the company that just sent me on a FREE All Expenses Paid trip to the Dominican Republic for one week?!? I'm so excited to find out where next year's trip will be and start earning it on August 1st! Not to mention that July's warmer and scent are so awesome. Did my mailing last night with AxMan and the girls (they were super duper help!)...and they love it as much as I do. Plus, everyone at work has been enjoying the new scent today - Lemons & Berries! Yum!

 July warmer - Ohana

6. Toby - My sweet lil pup has been missing me lately...until I get home that is! I feel so guilty not spending time with him, playing, but then when I get home - the little turkey ignores me. haha The one day I was unpacking my trip suitcase and packing for a slumber party night with the girls and my little fur baby was watching my EVERY move. He is pretty darn cute! Rotten, but cute.

And I think that's it for now....haha Life has been crazy busy, but I do love it. I'm happy and healthy. Isn't that what really counts? :) Hope you are holding onto the things that make you happy!!

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  1. That's quite a bit to be happy about! Sounds like things are going your way these days. I'm so happy for you sweet girl!



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