Monday, September 10, 2012

Past Few Pictures

Well, as promised (shocking, I know!) is my post with the only pictures I've taken over the past few weeks to show you what we've been up to!

Printed this adorable Subway Art poster from Eighteen25

Was daring for me and had my pedicure done in this glittery gold shade (Boiler Up!)

sitting at my Scentsy booth at the Sunman Wine & Fireworks Festival

Eric brought his dog Lucky home! Isn't she sweet?

Lucky found her way into the fenced in barnyard with Kya (Great Pyrenees)...ha

Belly rubs from her dad and the girls...they missed each other!


More belly rubs. And he says Toby is spoiled?? ;)

Scentsy booth at weekend #1 of the Friendship Shoot

Lots of period era clothes

My future step-daughter, Emma, loving Scentsy! :)

Saw these 2 girls walking in huge panties that their mom bought at the shoot! lmao


  1. LOL at the huge panties!!! Someone gave me a pair of those as a joke one time!

    I love Great Pyrenees dogs! They are all over the place around here. I guess they are a popular farm dog? I just love how pretty they are!

  2. I love the huge panties - I need some like that! haha
    what a cute lil pup Lucky is! What does Toby think??



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