Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Planning to Make Plans

I'll admit it. I'm type-A, list maker, organizational nut, slightly OCD kinda gal...and yes, I plan to make plans. Silly, huh? Maybe. Maybe not.

The biggest thing I've ever planned to make plans for...our upcoming wedding! :)

Here's the deal: I told myself I wouldn't make any plans for awhile because we wanted to save some money and see where we stood. We're also simultaneously saving for our first place together, probably a rental although we'd love to buy. The other part of it is that I'm working hard to earn this year's Scentsy Incentive Trip (we're aiming for the June trip to Hawaii, but would settle for May trip to Costa Rica). ;) Our goal is that we'd be able to take this free trip as our honeymoon! The downside is that right now we don't know the exact trip dates. AHHHHHHH For all those of you who are with me on the planning and details and list making and control issues...feel free to scream along with me at trying to plan a wedding without a wedding date! See my problem?!?!?! We can't do May as that is Indy 500 month here in Indiana and although it's not a big deal to either of us, my lovely MOH (my sis, Jenna), is an Indy 500 junkie and she never misses a day at the track practically the entire month. All of our local schools graduate the first weekend of June (the date I would love to pick) and then the next 2 weekends would be possible leave/return dates from the Hawaii trip...which leaves me planning a wedding with no exact date...FOR NOW.

I think we've decided on colors. I found adorable dresses for the girls. Jen and I will have to pick out a dress for her yet. The guys will be easy...they're all for tuxes and there are just the Groom and Best Man (BM). And hopefully I'll be getting my butt in gear here again ASAP to slim down before I get to the task of finding a wedding dress I love and feel comfortable in. Cause let's face it...I've always hated shopping for myself and it's usually very frustrating being this size. I want to change that before picking out a dress I'll wear on our special day! It's going to be a small wedding with a large reception for everyone else afterwards. We want to do it all on one day. I think I found the location for both, but once again...can't really talk to them until I have a date because we couldn't sign a contract and I'd be heartbroken if I fell in love with the place in person and then someone else booked our date. Mom told me over the weekend that a family friend of ours is getting married on the date we're seriously considering and hoping will be the big day! Fortunately, it won't take too many of our guests away...they may attend her wedding and then hit up our reception. Whatever works for them. They'll get an invite no matter what because they are my family and only her friends.

Okay....enough of my babbling. If you are Pinterest friends with me...you've probably seen me pinning away lately. I totally need to do a post on all the good food we've been trying from my pins, but that's for another day! haha So much out there in the world of weddings. After we have a date...then comes the task of merging all our ideas into one cohesive and smooth flowing day! Easy peasy. hahah Riiiiiight.


  1. I have a wedding suggestion (feel free to tell me to take a flying leap as well!). Don't feel like you have to immediately leave from your wedding to go on your honeymoon. We left two weeks later and it was the best decision ever! We were both rested from the big event (me, more than him, because let's face it.. it is the GIRLS big day.. the guy is just a pawn!), we were able to open and enjoy our wedding gifts (and work on thank you notes), put our house together.. and eat tons of left overs before they went bad.

    Just my two cents! :) PS.. I LOVE the sign.. our happily ever after starts here.. that is how I started my wedding scrapbook.. the first page was a picture of us walking away and it said, "And they lived happily ever after" :)

  2. I agree with Missy on maybe delaying your trip a little. Although, we left the day after our wedding, but it did feel rushed - checking out of the hotel, grabbing something to eat, opening the presents, and rushing off to the airport. Then, it was complete chaos when we returned because we had to pack everything into the UHaul and head to Iowa! At least you won't be moving to a different state afterwards :)

    Good luck as you continue to work hard to earn one of those trips! I have no doubt you will achieve it.

  3. Thank you, Missy & Rajean! I value both of your opinions very much and after sharing that information with Eric...he shared that he was thinking about that too, but not wanting to ruin my vision for the day! :) So, we're looking ahead a few weeks (now that I've gotten approval from my MOH - haha) and plans will hopefully begin soon.

  4. I love the first two pictures! Amazing :)

    1. Thanks girlie! So much fun stuff to think about when planning a wedding!



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