Saturday, September 15, 2012


hahaha...have you ever wanted to shout Timber!?! I kinda wanted to do that last night, but I'm thinking mom and Eric would have laughed. So I didn't. Bummer, huh?

The old maple tree in mom's backyard has been dying and was pretty much dead. It was Jen and I's "fort" and playhouse as kids. We would climb into the low branches and just sit and pretend like we had passwords to crawl up in there. haha We spent hours and hours and hours hanging out in that tree and under that tree in the sandbox or on the picnic table.

I'm glad the tree is down as we don't need a hazard like that in the yard. (It was close enough if it fell towards the house, it would hit my room.) But it still made me a little sad to see it come down. Goodbye to a piece of my childhood...

Eric making the first cuts

mom & Eric pushing the tree over

The tree is down!

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  1. Lucky you ... you have your own AxMan and were able to do the work by yourselves!



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