Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wedding Madness

If you read my post a few days ago about planning to make'll love this update! ha It's amazing how much can change in a day or two.

Wednesday night mom, Eric, and I hopped in the car and drove over to the venue we were hoping to get for the wedding and reception. It had a lake for our outdoor ceremony and then a large, rustic looking barn where we planned to have the reception. I was so excited to come across this gem of a place just 15 minutes from my hometown! We got over there, did an unofficial tour and then excitedly emailed the General Manager that we wanted to book the venue for the date she had told me was available. AND...then the next morning, she emailed me back to tell me that she had shown the venue to another couple that night and one of their dates was "our" date. Whoever came in first to pay the deposit and sign the contract would have the date. UGH!

I was decidedly upset about possibly losing our date because we couldn't afford to pay the deposit for another week. I chatted with my cousin, Monica, for a few minutes Thursday morning and she shared a few backup ideas with me. I immediately sent Eric the link for one of those ideas and he was then I called mom (because my momma is awesome, everyone loves her, and she has connections!) to ask her to make arrangements with the 2 groups we needed to set our wedding plans in motion.

So.........after some phone calls and an in-person visit.....I am thrilled to announce that we have a date, a venue, a caterer, the DJ, and even a few decorations! Yes, about 24-30 hour time frame, we have put MUCH of our wedding plans into place.

May 4, 2013 is going to be the big day! We're getting married in our neighboring town, Versailles, on the "back property" of close family friends' restaurant property. The place is called Crossroads. We'll be putting tents up on the backside around the lake. They have a beautiful wooden arbor bordering the lake and that will be where our ceremony will take place. Another close friend of the family, will be setting up the tents, tables and chairs for us - Negangard Party Rentals. Their son, Kyle, owns a DJ business (and actually dj'd a party of mine waaaaaaaaaayyyy back in HS) and will be providing the rockin' tunes. Crossroads will be catering our reception meal as well. And as for the decorations - well, I've had some ideas in my head thanks to Pinterest, and thanks to being a flea market all weekend, the neighboring booth had some green/teal glass mason jars and we made a trade for them! ha That worked perfectly because I got rid of one of the ugliest warmers Scentsy ever made (it was recently discontinued) and he got one that totally fit his family's home! *shudder* It will be the perfect pop of color against our colors - lapis and champagne. (aka purple and a very light shimmery neutral)

All in all, I'd say we're pretty pleased at the moment! We already have our wedding party in place. The guest list has been started. Now the real work starts...getting my butt in gear to slim down and get healthy!!

I couldn't be happier to know that I'm marrying my best friend! :)


  1. Wow! Talk about a hard-core multi-tasking! Well done! the location looks beautiful.

  2. That is SUCH great news!!! Hooray for your hard work. Just one more piece of advice though.. enjoy every minute and don't let the small things stress you out! :) Ohh, and take TONS of photos! ;)

  3. Jeez girl, as fast as you are at this, you should consider a career in wedding planning! It's taken my bff Andrea 6 months to get done what you did in like a day!!!

    Your wedding spot looks gorgeous! I love natural settings for weddings. Yours will be beautiful!!!

  4. Awww yay!! I loved planning our wedding!! Just remember to always have fun!! I cannot wait to see all that you choose!!

  5. Ha Ha!! I have snuck into the blog world. This is my first experience in this blog thing, so here goes:
    Erin, No matter where the wedding is, no matter how many people show up, no matter if everything goes as planned, If at the end of the day, you are my wife, I will be the happiest man on the planet. I love you so much. And spending the rest of my life with you is the most important part of the whole wedding thing. That one day is only the beginning of a lifetime of happiness together.
    Wow, I hope I did that right! hahaha



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