Sunday, November 4, 2012

Save The Date

Don't be late...for a very important date! ha :)

I have been dying to share this with all of you, but I really wanted to wait until our Save The Date cards were in the mail (and possibly in the hands) to our guests!

Jenn at In Munchkinland did a fab job! She designed my blog and I have been watching all her other blog updates and dying for a new one, but wedding stuff first, so it was a no brainer when we wanted a custom card that we could love. She nailed it on her first try! There were no edits at all. She even got us a steal of a deal on the printing and envelopes! I am excited about working with her after the New Year on all our other wedding stationery.

So without further ado.... *drumroll*


  1. Love your save the dates!!!!! They are perfect. And such a beautiful picture too! So excited for you!

  2. I love Saves the dates. I think they are always too cute & adorable :) I love the picture. It turned out all around great. Congrats, I am excited for the both of you.

  3. You are beautiful, Erin!!! What a gorgeous picture of you two! She did a great job on your save the dates! Just curious though, what in the world is wedding stationary? It's been awhile since I got married, but I don't ever remember ordering that!

  4. Whenever you get a blog makeover from her, I say you use this picture somewhere in it! :o)

  5. Did you get my email regarding the Secret Santa Swap?



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