Thursday, November 1, 2012

What's in a Name?

Today I'm linking up with Lora - this absolutely fantastic and hysterical blogger I found via Twitter a few days ago! Seriously, you gotta go read this post. You'll laugh out loud.

The question of the day did your blog get it's name?

The Life & Times of E1

I know, I's kinda generic. A lot of people think I'm creative, but in reality, I never seem to be when it's ME that I need to be creative for! Argh! haha

My nickname within my dad's family is E1. Why?? Well, I'm Erin. My cousin, Jacob, married an Erin. We have the same initials - EMM. We have identical first and last names and only different middle names. It started to be funny at family meals when someone would say Erin and we'd both the same time. Since I am the oldest and the "original" Erin, they started calling me E1 and she is E2. The only day we've ever swapped was on her wedding day...ha. We're goofy, I know. ;) The thing is...I couldn't have asked for a more amazing person than her to share my name with! They live on the east coast because Jacob is in the Navy, but when we visited them a few years ago, E2 and I would pay for meals using our debit cards because they both had the same name. hahaha She really, really wanted to confuse a waiter! No one ever said anything, but they had to be wondering.

So when it came down to naming my little piece of blogger land, it seemed appropriate to incorporate my nickname into the title. This blog is all about my life. And the crazy times that have happened. I have contemplated changing it a million times, but therein lies the million dollar question, what the heck would I change it to? So it stays.

Grab the button below and link up! How did your blog get it's name??
Running on Empty

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  1. That is too cute. There are 3 Jenn's in my husbands family. Me, his step-sis Jeniffer and step-cousin Jenny. Too many. lol

  2. Thanks so much for linking up with us....and for finding me on twitter! Love the blog name and so glad I know what it means now. :) PS I'm also glad you snagged the #1 "E" slot. haha

  3. This is actually a pretty cool blog name story! I knew your title had something to do with your name, but I didn't realize what exactly! How funny that you both share the same first and last name AND middle initial! When I was in college, there was another Sarah Katherine Cox there. The ONLY thing that was different was that she spelled her middle name Kathrine, no E. We had a class together one time (which is how I figured this out) and the teacher made us put the last 4 digits of our social security number on our tests so he could tell us apart when grading! :o)



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