Thursday, March 28, 2013

30 Days: Final Update

Here's how my mileage has gone this month....

Week 1 - 0, zilch, nada
Week 2 - 12.5 miles
Week 3 - 10 miles

Week 4:

Thursday - day of rest, but did do the Slim in 6 - 6pack Abs workout

Friday - 1.25 miles with Leslie Sansone's Walkaerobics

Saturday - walked 1.25 miles on the treadmill

Sunday - 2 miles with Leslie Sansone's Walkaerobics

Monday - 2 miles with Leslie Sansone's Walkaerobics

Tuesday - walked 1 mile on the treadmill (also did Slim in 6 - Start It Up)

Wednesday - walked 1 mile on the treadmill

Total this week = 8.5 miles

Total for March Challenge = 31 miles

This has been quite the journey and I am sooooo very thankful to Nikki for starting this challenge. It is just what I needed to kick my butt into gear! I am considering giving myself the challenge again next month (April) with the linkup, but I really need to focus on varying my workout routine to try to lose another 10 pounds before May 4 (wedding day!!).

Looking back over the mileage, you can tell when the weather was nice! ha During Week 2 I was able to get in lots of outdoor walking with the family, but unfortunately Mother Nature is a fickle witch and decided to shower us with more cold temps and....SNOW! Ugh. While the snow is a dreaded thing for me, it did luckily force me indoors to spice up my workout routine more, which has helped me feel more energetic and hopefully, lose a few pounds!


  1. Yea! I'm proud of you for completing this challenge. It sounds easy in the beginning, but I know how "life" can get in the way. Keep up the hard work, and I can't wait to see you on the big day :)

  2. GREAT job! Are you gonna do it for April too?

  3. That is awesome Erin!!! Good for you! You actually did 1 mile over what you had to! :o) And that's even taking the first week off. So crazy that your wedding day is only a little over a month away!



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