Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Shenanigans

Another week has come and gone...and guess what folks, it's Easter weekend which means it's nearly April which means we are just inches over a month away from our wedding!!! Holy smokes!


This post is gonna be a bit of ramblings, once again, so I apologize if I'm jumping all over the place like the Easter bunny. ;) haha

Pictures -

The girls with their Easter baskets from my mom and sister. Their soon to be Aunt Jenna sure had a blast filling those buckets with lots of sugar and chocolate! The girls LOVED it. You can't tell from the picture, but Jen found the cutest Easter eggs (here is a link to similar ones - she got them at Wal-Mart)! And...Jordan's "favorite" part as she munched on no less than 4 different varieties of candy was the plush little ducky that was included. Jenna LOVES ducks and I would have been shocked to not see one in the baskets! ha

Weight -

I feel like this week went pretty well. I was able to deny the junk food and candy laying everywhere in the house. I still got my workouts in, albeit a bit rushed sometimes. I feel good about my 1 pound weight loss, but had really hoped for more! That means I am at 274.4. Getting closer to my wedding goal!

Inspiration -
Saw this posted in a Wellness Group for Scentsy consultants and it rang loud and clear with me!



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