Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Snowy Night

Ugh - March came roaring in like a lion! I hope that means it will go out like a lamb and that April and May will be lovely weather (especially May 4th!). ha :)

Last night the snow hit us here in southeastern Indiana. We had about 1/2-1" and the power decided to flicker. My Facebook feed was full of people reporting the same thing. After about 20-30 minutes at half power (seriously, our lamps and Scentsy warmers were on, but nothing else had power), the electricity went out. Took 3 hours for it to come back on, I decided to go to bed since my phone could finally charge (it was about dead, plus it's my alarm!). Little did I know after falling asleep in the next 20 minutes, electricity went back out and was off for another 4 hours! Yikes. This morning we woke up to a good 3" of heavy snow covering everything.

Eric worked last night (they just switched the rotation to 8 weeks of nights) and they were without power for several hours as well. It took him over an hour to make the usual 40 minute drive. Yuck!

snow right as power started flickering

kept warm with my propane heater - thank goodness!

had to light candles when electric was doing half power thing

snowy roads this morning - all local schools are closed

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