Friday, March 8, 2013

Detox Diet Recap

Okay, so I am keeping this as a daily log, but you will all be reading it at once. Enjoy :)

Day 1 (Monday, 3/4) - Fasting Day
     I weighed in at 283.6 when I woke up. I drank only lemon water ALL day long. Yep, for more than 24 hours I was food-free. I expected it to be hard and for my stomach to be growling at me all day long, but it was surprisingly easy. I had about a half hour in the late afternoon where I was hungry, but I had been in a training class all afternoon and hadn't drank as much lemon water (aka water with lemon squeezed in it) as I had up to that point. I quickly got the hunger under control with more water. I was VERY sleepy that evening and actually ended up napping on the couch. while Eric & the girls watched tv and played games, exciting person am I not? ha I felt much better when I woke up and we assumed my lack of energy was from not having consumed any calories all day.

Day 2 (Tuesday, 3/5) - Veggie/Fruit Day
    I weighed in at 279.2 when I woke up, which is a 4.4 pound loss in 1 day. INSANE! I had my banana-strawberry smoothie in the morning. I was way too full after drinking the smoothie (it makes what feels like a monstrous cup of goodness!) to eat anything and honestly hadn't felt hungry even before drinking the smoothie. I had a small 1/2 cup snack of cantaloupe after having been at work for a few hours. My lunch consisted of watermelon and grapes. Oh...and MORE water. ha Good thing I love water and normally drink a lot anyway because this detox requires only water! For dinner, I enjoyed some steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Yum! Seriously, I have steamed broccoli a lot with chicken, so this was no hardship. ha Then the evening finished with another smoothie.

Day 3 (Wednesday, 3/6) - Veggie/Fruit Day
     I weighed in at 277.4 when I woke up, which is a 6.2 pound loss in 2 days! I had my banana-strawberry smoothie in the morning. I had cantaloupe and an apple as my snacks today at work. For lunch, I had more watermelon and grapes. Yum! Dinner consisted of grilled mushrooms and squash. mmmmmmmmm...good! I finished the evening with another smoothie. Those things will be the death of me...although I have learned they are slightly better COLD if you blend a few ice cubes in with it. Not a bad flavor, just SOOOO much to drink. 

Day 4 (Thursday, 3/7) - Veggie/Fruit Day
     I weighed in at 277.2 when I woke up, which is a 6.4 pound loss in 3 days! I had my banana-strawberry smoothie in the morning. I had cantaloupe as my snack at work today. For lunch, I once again had watermelon and grapes. I cheated for dinner and added baked whiting fish (with only salt & pepper) to the grilled squash. Fish should not be added until Days 5-7. I finished the evening with another smoothie.

     I weighed in at 276.6 when I woke up this morning, which is a total of 7 pounds over the 4 day detox period. I have decided to end my detox at this point. Some advantages and disadvantages:

PRO - (1) curbed my caffeine addiction, (2) quieted my recent sweets overload, (3) jump started my weight loss, (4) it teaches you about willpower - something I've always struggled with, but feel more confident about now
CON - (1) very limited food choices, (2) most likely all water weight lost - I believe that for someone like my mom who only drank pop and coffee with cream that the water flushed her system clean and continues to do so, but for someone like me that regularly drinks oodles of water the initial flush of toxins from my body was great, but slowed tremendously - - and to note, she is the one who's lost the most in the detox week from everyone who's tried the program over the past year or two, (3) it's expensive because fruits & veggies are not cheap, (4) if everyone in your household is not doing the detox, it's even more of a temptation because of preparing food for someone else not part of the plan or just having "junk" around the house that you can't eat

Have had lots of conversations with people about this plan over the week long period. I even found out that one of my bosses has been doing it and has lost 12 pounds so far, but he's gained muscle due to exercise. I may do another detox the week or two before the wedding depending how things go, but I definitely want to look good in my dress!

I am going back to counting calories today. I kept trying to decide whether or not I wanted to count points for WW+ again or try the calories again. For now, I am going to count calories and see how that works for me. Most everything can be found online or on the item itself, plus MyFitnessPal makes it easy to track. I need to still lose another 10-15 pounds from this point until the wedding in order for my dress to fit comfortably! haha I know it's not going to be easy, but I'm hoping everyone will help me stay accountable. ;)

Also - I am taking part in Nikki's #30milesin30days challenge, but have failed miserably thus far. Really had planned to get on the treadmill and get some miles cranked out the 2 nights that Eric worked this week, but I honestly didn't have the energy. It wasn't that I felt bad, it was that I had consumed barely any calories and just functioning was draining me. I also may have been in bed at 9:30pm 2 nights in a row this week...yowza. I was TIRED. So my goal this weekend is to kick it into high gear and do 2-a-days!



  1. Go you!
    My folks do the Sacred Heart Diet every now and then to sort of detox their bodies. I think it is nasty because I really dislike veggie soup... but they seem to have pretty good luck with it! :)

  2. 7 pounds in 4 days?!?! Whoa! That's a pretty good diet, I'd say! I understand how hard it is to stick to something though when everyone around you is eating like normal. How long was this detox supposed to last if you'd stuck with it?



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