Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mileage Update

I've been busy...cause playing catch up is HARD work, folks! Yowza. So glad that I'm no longer behind. ha

So here's what I've been up to since last Thursday when I started the #30milesin30days challenge with ZERO miles. Not one of my brighter moments. I was determined not to give up though and I am so thankful for Nikki and company for being the silent motivation I needed to get my butt in gear and start working out again!

Friday night after an absolutely mentally exhausting afternoon/evening, I decided I needed to burn off some steam and hopped on the treadmill for 1 mile. I also wanted to test my new HRM watch. It's not as fancy as some, but it seems to be on target thus far. It amazes me how much higher your heart rate gets and the percentage of your target range is depending on how active you've been throughout the day. Makes me wanna get up and move!

Saturday morning I got up before the rest of the house was awake and got 2 miles in on the treadmill. Then that evening (after going to see Oz with the family), the girls and I decided to go for a 2.1 mile walk outside (my usual outdoor route).

Sunday morning, Emma and I went for another 2.1 mile walk outside. That evening after Eric left for work and took the girls home, I decided it was too nice of a night (still 60 degrees outside) to be cooped up inside on the treadmill, so out the door I went again for another 2.1 mile walk! It's no wonder that Sunday night I had a blister on my heel and my hips were sore...I had walked a total of 9.3 miles in 3 days!

Monday night after Eric left for work (can I say that I HATE him working night shift?!? ugh. I only see him about a total of 45 minutes a day! *sad face*) I jumped back on the trusty treadmill since it was raining outside and walked 1.2 miles so I would be up to 10.5 miles total.

Tuesday...I was a bum. No lie. I wish I had been wearing my HRM at work because I know I walked a bunch, probably at least 3 laps weaving around the bigger plant (I am HR for 2 sister companies) and walked back and forth from the outdoor mobile hearing test truck to the office (opposite ends of the property). I got home from work and it was Eric's night off, the first one since Friday night. He talked me into going out to eat at one of our fave places in town...and coincidentally the site of our wedding. It was soooooo nice having a date night and being able to spend time together. I only feel slightly guilty for not hopping on the treadmill for the 1.5 miles that I needed to do in order to be completely caught up and on track for the challenge. Oh well, this weekend is supposed to be nice and hopefully I will get outside for some longer walks!

Wednesday night after work I stopped to grab dinner at the new Pizza Hut in town. We had the girls for the evening and Eric was off work, plus pizza is one of the few things both girls agree on to eat. After everyone was settled into their own stuff, I hopped on the treadmill for a 1.5 mile walk. Now I am only 1 mile behind.

And now I'm ready to tackle some extra workouts. Eric has to work tonight and tomorrow night, but then we luckily have the weekend together! :) Looking forward to posting my results next week!

In another note, Friday I plan to officially weigh in...I did good this week and have been tracking my weight fluctuations just to see how my body would respond from doing the cleanse to jumping back to calorie counting. It hasn't been easy. Without all the exercise, I would have surely gained! Although I gained back half of what I lost within the first 2 days of counting calories, I steadily have worked it back off this week...stay tuned for that post tomorrow!


  1. Good for you girl! I am so proud of you for making that huge effort to get caught up, that's tough work! Keep it up!

  2. That's awesome that you put in the effort to get caught up! It's tough. I tried to get ahead this week because of vacation coming up. You're doing great! PS: Where did you find that HRM watch?

  3. Good job! You did awesome! That's a lot to play catch up with.



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