Friday, March 22, 2013


Thank Goodness It's Friday!!

Ahhhh...seriously long week. But now some pictures to catch up on the past week.

the picture I mentioned that Jordan drew me last week for when I am on the treadmill

one of my chilly, but sunny walks outside

curled my hair & got dolled up for our date day

Toby thinks pressing his nose to the door helps him get closer to the outside...ha

snuggle time with my lil Tobers (he's only innocent when he's sleeping!)

Toby likes to hop up on mom's bed & wait while I am on the treadmill

And last, but certainly not least...I weighed in this morning at 275.4 pounds. I was hoping for better results, but I can't complain too much since it's actually a 3 pound loss for the week, but finally 1 pound under my detox results (2 weeks ago). I stuck to my calories all week. I exercised.

As I mentioned in Thursday's post, I really just need to start varying my workouts. I slimmed down quite a bit when I was doing the Slim in 6 dvds before, with running and walking mixed in. I have a Jillian Michaels dvd as well that I really need to crack open, but she kinda scares me. haha I also feel like I must look COMPLETELY ridiculous while trying to do the moves in all these dvd workouts, so I prefer to do them when no one is around. This will be a problem for me this upcoming week because Eric's girls are spending the week with us due to Spring Break. hmmm...not sure how I'm gonna adjust, but I will find a way to fit in my workouts AND not let temptations get the better of me with their junk food in the house!

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