Saturday, April 27, 2013

One Week!

I can't believe it....7 days from the wedding!!! :) EEK!

We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. I know, I know...can't tell, can ya? haha

Today was Bachelor/Bachelorette party day. Eric and his best man, Mitch, are out in the woods behind our house camping. I know they are having a blast, but it's really not all that exciting to me. ;)

My day was a lone woman kinda thing. My sister was busy and I really needed to run some errands, so I just went about the day by myself. ha Sad, huh? Oh well...I am completely exhausted. My feet hurt so much from all the walking that you'd never be able to tell I was relaxed and had soft smooth feet this morning!

My day via pictures (which you probably saw on instagram - emenchho1) -

in the car and ready to roll

fresh pedicure

garlic fries from Boogie Burger...mmmm

car wash Mike's Carwash groupons!

starting to pack for the honeymoon

...and more packing...

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