Friday, April 12, 2013

Progress Update

This morning I weighed in at 271 pounds, which means I am down 2.4 pounds since last week. Watching my sodium intake has been a big factor. And I probably would have lost more, but battled gain/loss scenario because the new Velata cheese fondue came in this week - sooooooo good, but sooooo high in sodium! I am going to continue to watch sodium, but I am also going to try to watch my sugar intake. I've noticed on MFP that I always go over on sugar "suggestion" for the day, sometimes not by much, but I know all that sugar isn't good for me.

I'm hangin' tough on the workouts. I'm starting to notice a few differences, more in toning rather than pounds lost. I'll take it though!

Sorry for the sidebar, but my mind immediately drifted to this song with my last lil paragraph.

That's all for this lovely Friday! Hope everyone has had a good week. We're busy with wedding stuff this weekend, so expect an update Monday! :)

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