Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

We've had a busy weekend! It's been wedding central around here. :)

On Saturday, Eric, mom and I went to Florence to make our rounds and pick up all the items we were still needing for the wedding. We picked up all the food and drinks for the caterer. It was cheaper for us to do it that way. We also made a few extra stops for some makeup and under the dress garments. ha

When we got done with errands, we stopped for dinner at our favorite restaurant...Sakura. Yum, yum! Japanese Hibachi is delicious!! 

After we got home and unloaded Eric's Explorer, it was time to get crackin' on our last few wedding projects. Eric was responsible for our table numbers and the card "box" at the reception. Both were Pinterest inspired projects. LOVE how they turned out!! ;) And yes, you'll have to wait for our photographer's pictures for the final results.

While Eric did those projects, I worked on tying the gift tags I ordered off Etsy for our favors. I am actually excited that we have less tables (and guests) than originally planned because after 50 of those itty bitty tags on old baby food jars (yes, that my mother had saved from our childhood)...I couldn't have taken another 30 as originally planned. I'm glad that job is done.

Today we helped mom in the barn where our reception will be held. She's done a lot of the work already (as well as my uncle) to prepare the space for our big day! Eric did some ladder climbing today and I was just a passer-upper and a hold-the-ladder girl. ;) 

After working at the reception site, we spent the rest of the day enjoying the beautiful spring day!

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