Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wedding, Part 1

Finally....our big day arrived! :)

It started off somewhat early for us girls. We had to be at the salon at 9am for hair and makeup. Plus, Emma & Jordan were getting their nails painted (Jen and I did that the day before). Our fabulous photographer showed up at 9:15, just as we were getting started...

my sister brought the makings for mimosas!

Emma getting her hair done

Jerri Lynn's stash (and I'm sure this is a SMALL portion of her goods)

Jenna getting her hair done

wearing the shirt Jen gave me at my Bridal Shower

yay for pretty nails!

Jenna doing her mascara

my turn for hair

hair is done! :)

Jerri Lynn finishing my makeup

Jordan getting her hair done

It was so much fun getting ready! My cousin Sara (who owns the salon) did our hair, my high school friend Jerri Lynn (does this for fun and NO pay) did our makeup and one of the girls at the salon, Taylor, painted the girls' nails. They all made us look and feel fantastic!

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