Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wedding, The End

And now for the final wedding/reception you never thought we'd get here! ha

the sign of a good party ;)

Eric with his Best Man, Mitch & his wife, Tiffany

at one point, I saw this small chunk of cake left on the table and thought...I'm gonna go have a piece (I'd had 1 small bite when we cut the cake)...I turned around and there was NOTHING left! needless to say, everyone loved the cake and cookies

our dancing bartender (my mom's boss) with the Comer guys

one of our wedding signs...ha...the bathroom was that tiny little building on the left

the picture is how the property looked when I was growing up - it's my dad's family farm

All in all, we had a WONDERFUL day and couldn't have asked for anything better! So many plans changed along the way, but in the was perfect. And as of today, 61 days of wedded bliss has treated us pretty well, even living through a broken leg! ha


  1. Many blessings sent your way!!!! What a special time of life! Erica

  2. Great photos! Congrats!



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