Friday, July 19, 2013

Scentsy Family Reunion 2013

This year's annual Scentsy Reunion (convention) was held in Indy...practically in my backyard! It was awesome!! SOOOOOO excited about the new products coming out. If you've ever thought about hosting a home or catalog party, I would love to work with you! Seriously some cute stuff coming in Grace Adele and Scentsy. :)

A few highlights of our family trip (Eric & girls hung out and explored Indy while I attended the sessions)...

Eric got to attend the opening session & concert with me while Jenna took the girls out for pizza

a new Mossy Oak camo warmer coming Sept 1st!

love Mary Christensen! fantastic books & wonderful in person

the girls met Santa! haha (he even gave them a "wipe out a bad deed" coin)

Aug 1st starts working for my 3rd FREE Scentsy trip! Aiming for the Bahamas or Greece!

the Kelly Clarkson concert just for Scentsy consultants was AWESOME! that girl has some pipes and rocked it the entire 90 minutes!

Next year we'll all be headed to St. Louis for the Scentsy Family Reunion 2014. Can't wait! Hope you'll join me as a team member next year. ;)

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