Thursday, September 12, 2013

30 Miles in 30 Days: Week 2 Update

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Here we go for the 2nd week of the challenge...I was actually able to stay on track! I switched over to the treadmill yesterday and my ankle didn't bother me at all, so will keep at it for a little while (at least while it is so darn hot out!). I really prefer walking outside because I love looking at nature while I walk, but being able to pace myself better and not have any pain from my leg issues is the more important cause for now.

Sept 1 - walked 1 mile outside
Sept 2 - none
Sept 3 - none
Sept 4 - walked 2 miles outside
Sept 5 - walked 2 miles outside
Week 1 Total = 5 miles

Sept 6 - walked 1 mile outside
Sept 7 - none (was at a Scentsy event all day)
Sept 8 - none
Sept 9 - none
Sept 10 - walked 2 miles outside
Sept 11 - walked 2 miles treadmill
Sept 12 - walked 2 miles treadmill

Total so far - 12 miles

My *HAPPY* moment for the week is that I "think" my leg swelling has gone down a little...and Eric agrees. My knee and toes are still bigger, but it looks like my calf and shin area are smaller. Hoping that the walking will continue to create a stronger blood flow through my entire leg and that I'll get back to a normal sized leg! At least now when I go places, it isn't quite as noticeable as before...unless you're looking! ha


  1. You're doing so great! Keep it up girlie.

  2. I have ankle problems too and my podiatrist told me that running/walking outside is actually worse for you than getting on the treadmill (unless it's an actual track). You're doing great, I hope it keeps getting better and stronger!

  3. And hey, on a treadmill you can read a magazine or something while you're walking! That's a little more difficult outside! ;o) Maybe it won't be long until your leg is back to normal!

  4. This is awesome Erin! Great progress for you!



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