Thursday, September 12, 2013


Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

It's funny how if this question had been asked of me 9 years ago when I was leaving answer would have been VERY different. Wow has technology changed!

There are days that I am blown away by the fact that my step-daughters have rarely known a day of their lives without cell phones and texting, while texting wasn't even popular when I was in college. I didn't add the texting plan to my cell phone until I was living in Indy (nearly 1-2 years after graduating college). CRAZY.

I would have to say that blogging has probably changed me the most. Sure I use social media to all it's advantages...rarely go a day without checking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. But it's blogging that brings it all home for me. Maybe that's it...blogging does feel like a "home." We become a community, a family. Bloggers encourage each other and share their lives quite openly. Most of us will never meet in person. I have good IRL (in real life) friends who are bloggers and I love being able to keep up with them and their growing families. I have other blogger buddies whom I've never met (and some of you would love to one day meet if fate allows!), but who have been there for me on my joyous days and even more so on my bad days.

Who knew this little slice of the internet would be so much fun?!?

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