Friday, September 6, 2013


Friday, September 6: A story about a time you were very afraid.

I can't honestly remember a time that I was truly scared for my life. I am a jumpy person though, so I have had lots of moments that had the potential to truly scare the life outta me, but none that have. ha

I guess the one time that I remember the most was when my family was putting hay up in the loft of our barn. I was probably junior high age and my dad was the king of making me jump sky high. I was standing near the edge of the loft facing inside the barn when he pulled one of his infamous stunts acting like a snake had jumped out of bale of hay. I screamed (I HATE snakes!) and stepped back....which of course meant I stepped right off the edge of the loft and fell about 15 feet to the ground. OUCH. Luckily no broken bones or sprains or anything...just a sore tail bone! 

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