Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Repeat History

Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.

Whew...this is a good one! The funny thing is, I've had LOTS of great memories (really, more than most my age would normally consider) and after looking back, I'm surprised at myself that I picked ONE memory so quickly. 

I would love to relive ziplining at the Super Bowl festivities in Indianapolis in 2012. Why??? Well.....that was my first ever zipline adventure and I was terrified. I remember being so excited leading up to it. My sister had bought the tickets for us as something to do together and as a way to truly live it up while the Super Bowl was in our city! We weaved our way through the line - getting weighed, getting rigged in the harnesses, climbing up the flights of stairs and finally getting to the platform. I had watched people going flying over the street for a few hours that evening and they all looked like they were having soooooo much fun! The thought of stepping off the few itty bitty steps over the street and zooming across to the other platform was nearly the end of me. Seriously. It's the closest to a panic attack that I've ever had. We stood waiting our turn at the top...and then...the workers were hooking our harness up to the main zipline and telling us we were good to go. I think my heart about jumped out of my chest! Luckily, the guy working my line was from Australia and he got me talking about my trip down under a few years before...and before I knew it...Jenna had gone zooming across the street and it was do or die time. I pretty much let him push me off the ledge and away I went! The crowd below was cheering, I was trying to take it all in while keeping myself from spinning on the line (that was too much for someone who doesn't like to spin fast) and prepare myself for getting onto the other platform successfully! ha

It was exciting to land at the other platform and feel the rush of adrenaline! I don't think Jenna or I stopped smiling the entire night. Jenna was good enough on the line that she got video of her ride. Our friends, Reid & Nicole, took pictures from below as we went across. 

I am pleased to say that I lived through it, but I wish I could have ENJOYED it that much more!?! 5 months after that experience, I got to do a zipline course in the Dominican Republic, which I was again a little nervous BUT loved every second after stepping off the first platform! I definitely didn't have the anxiety with that set of ziplines like the 1 simple one in Indy.

Waiting to step off the platform

Won a $100 gift card to my fave brewery/eatery in Indy for wearing their gear on the zipline!

at the base of the zipline platform (sorry, not sure why pic rotated itself!)

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