Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Factors of Me

I feel like such a bad lil blogger. I think Jenni's Blogtember Challenge may be what I need to help me find things to write about as I feel like I'm in a rut...so without further ado!

Tuesday, Sept. 3: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

hmmm...where do I start? I feel like I'm a product of so many factors. 

Oldest child. Child of divorced parents. A newlywed wife. A step-mom. Dog owner. College graduate. Direct sales business owner. Skinny girl hidden in a chubby girl. Encourager. Friend. Hard worker. Dreamer. 

Those items don't seem to say it all, but yet encompass so much. I am what I am. A girl that guarded herself for so long because she was (and still is) the fat girl in the crowd...not wanting to take a chance on love because of the hurt she still held from her parent's divorce. And yet, that girl overcame some of those fears and found love, got married and stepped into a ready-made family. A girl that has big astronomical dreams for herself, her family and her business. Someone who isn't afraid to work or of work, but has somehow found herself without a job. 

Isn't it amazing how life unfolds? I am a work in progress. Some days aren't that fun, but the memories remain and the laughter gets louder.

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  1. Aren't we all a work in progress?! You've achieved some pretty great things and I know there are even better ones to come for you!



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