Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Look & Updates

I have been such a bad blogger...sorry, folks! As you can see, I updated my background and page layout. Trying to get back in the groove! :p

Life is hopefully going to get back to normal soon. FINALLY. After the latest hospital stay, yesterday (Wednesday), I was back for an outpatient procedure. They removed the filter they placed. It would have been fine if it stayed in, but since I am so young for this type of thing, they wanted to remove it. So, out it came...through my neck! I figured it would come out as it went in - through my groin area. Wrong! My neck is a little tender from them placing the catheter, using a wire to remove the filter, and then removing the catheter. This time they used a different dye and a hypoallergenic bandage, coupled with only have it on for about 4 hours equals no rash! Wahoo! :)

My leg (after the last procedure) 1 day after worst of the rash

Rash almost healed

No more rash!

After my last procedure to remove the filter

I saw the cardiologist today and I am on the right track. My numbers still aren't great for the clotting, but now that I'm done with the hospital stuff, I'll hopefully get where I need to be. Leg still has some swelling, especially when I'm up a lot during the day, but it has gotten TONS better. The doctors said it may take 6 months or better for swelling to go away and even then, they are not sure how "normal" my leg will look compared to my other leg. So I'm really hoping and praying that my elephant leg goes down and gets back to normal!

As for other updates in life - I lost my job. Yep, you read that right. So for now, we're pretty much relying on our Scentsy business to get us through. AKA - please book parties and buy lots of Scentsy, Velata or Grace Adele! PLEASE! Job search has started, but I have a feeling it will not be easy. I know I can't do anything where I'd be standing all day, as my leg would never get better. Don't think I want to work in HR anymore, so hoping something else comes along involving office work/payroll.


  1. Oh, honey! I'm so sorry! It just doesn't seem fair - to have all these medical issues and then lose your job on top of it? I'll be praying for you. I do hope you find something else AND I hope that in time your legs are the same size again. (That is a weird sentence to type out...) I really am sorry, Erin.

  2. Oh my goodness Erin! I was kidding before when I said there is only one reason for someone our age to be in the hospital... but now I mean it! :) Glad that you are slowly getting better and that the doctors finally have a reign on that crazy body of yours. Hopefully you'll be back to yourself in no time and find the job of your dreams to match that man of yours!

  3. Ugh! I'm so sorry about your job, and all the hospital stays! I hope you're out of the hospital for a long time to come. AND that a new job appears! Good luck!



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