Monday, October 7, 2013

Another DIY Project & A Birthday

Remember awhile back (when I did the ribbon wrapped wreath) I mentioned how I had all these Pinterest projects I wanted to complete...and hadn't accomplished any of them?

Well, here is the second DIY project I tackled. Eric's oldest daughter, Emma, turned 14 today! Happy Birthday Emma! I had pinned several glitter/mod podge projects and after seeing Manda take on one of those, I just couldn't resist doing one of my own! ;)

We had Emma's birthday party on Sunday afternoon (scroll down for pics) and one of her gifts from us was a makeup brush set (glittered) with a jar especially for her to store them in on her dresser! I think it turned out really cute and she loves them! The jar and brushes are already on her dresser laid out with the new makeup she got from her grandparents. Every teenage girl's dream. Right? :p

To make the brushes, we purchased a nicer set of brushes. I used the Hard Coat ModPodge and Orange Fine Glitter to do the handles. It took 2 coats of glitter and a third coat of the modpodge to seal it all. The glitter doesn't get all over your hands! Yay!

getting ready to start!

after 1 coat of glitter/modpodge

after 2 coats glitter/modpodge

close up to see the orange (Emma's FAVE color)

And now for a few party pics!


  1. I love how they turned out! I've been wanting to do those!

    1. Do it! They turned out so cute! It looks kinda ugly while drying (because you worry the glitter won't show through the modpodge), but once it dries...they are fab!

  2. The make-up brushes are so cute! Did you paint the Ball jar too?

    1. Yes! One coat of metallic silver spray paint was all it took. I wish I had something to sit it on (upside down) while I sprayed it, but I just had my hand! ha I used the spray paint can to hold it while it dried and that worked really well.

  3. They turned out perfect!! I love the glittered handles you added! I'd even use those! ;o)



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