Monday, October 21, 2013

Pinterest: Halloween Decor

Most of us love to "pin" all these things we'd enjoy having in our home for holiday decorations, etc. I want to do them ALL, but without a job and full-time income, my resources are pretty severely limited right now. I have been using some of my boring days at home to contemplate how I can create these pretty things without too much money involved! ha

The girls love to be crafty, so I thought this year we would do a few new things for Halloween. Last year, we did the pumpkin milk jugs for the front porch. Not thinking clearly, we threw them away at the end of the season (because we have NO place for storage for "extra" things).

The first thing we did was paint our pumpkins. Eric decided he liked his pumpkin better as it was (I just don't think he felt like painting...ha), but the girls and I got into the festive Halloween mood!

Jordan was kinda disappointed about not carving her pumpkin, so as a trade off for painting, we let her carve a watermelon. I know, I know. Bizarre! However, we have a huge pile of watermelons sitting back by the garden and we're all kinda burnt out on watermelons. :p With the upcoming frosty days, I doubt her watermelon jack o' lantern will last long, but at least she had fun doing it!

And to finish it off, we used black contractor trash bags to create spider webs for the doors. The girls loved it, but didn't really have a good concept of how to cut the bags properly despite lots of coaching from me (can you believe they've never made snowflakes from paper?!? I thought all elementary schools did that!). We put them up regardless of their success and the girls liked how they turned out. I did one to show them and hung it on the mirror.

Here are my pins that we got the inspiration/directions from if you choose to do it in your home! You can follow me at emenchho1.

Initial Pumpkin:

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