Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sadie is growing!

I can't believe that our sweet baby, Sadie, has only been in our lives for 3.5 weeks! CRAZY! It seems like we've had her forever...and ever. She is growing by leaps and bounds. And her mischievous ways are growing as well. haha She wants to do everything Lucky does, or that we do. She loves to go out to the barn or back to the woods. She so badly wants to play with Toby, but he is scared to death of her (especially now that she is bigger than he is).

I had Eric try to hold her the way he did the first day we brought her home (Sept. 26th) to show everyone how big she has gotten. Holy smokes! I can't stop looking at the picture. Our baby is growing...and FAST! She stands about half as tall as Lucky. And our fear is that she is going to be bigger than Lucky, we just hope not as big as the Great Pyrenees, Kya! ;)

Our Sadie Sue loves (I mean LOVES) to eat! She is doing better with dry food now that her teeth are coming in. I think we can finally start to wean her off the pouched soft food and get her to eat more of the dry food. She is starting to listen to commands like sit and stay. We're working on the "stop chewing/biting" command, but let's face it...she's a puppy and will be for quite some time. Luckily, she loves gnawing on her rag bone and a tennis ball!

She is going to be a great guardian of our home. She is extremely watchful. Our first true annoyance with her was in the early hours of this morning. At 5am, I heard her scratching at the door and whining. I looked out 2 different times and her sleeping buddy Lucky was nowhere to be seen, so I think she was just lonely. It took Eric getting up an hour and a half later to quiet her...and still no Lucky. Our next step is to work on getting them to sleep in the dog house now. We've been letting them sleep on an old futon mattress by the door so we could keep an eye on them. Now that Sadie is getting bigger, I think she'll handle the dog house just fine. I mean, nothing like getting a dog at 4 weeks old because the people failed to tell us until we'd had her for a few days! UGH.



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