Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One of the Reasons...

One reason we've been so busy is that we've been trying to spend time with Eric's maternal grandmother. She has been sent home from the nursing home to spend the last of her days with hospice care. As you all know, just the mention of hospice is generally quite depressing. For approximately the past month, Eric's mom, 1 of his aunts, his sister and 1 of his cousins have been taking turns staying with Mamaw and providing her round-the-clock care. She has nurses and aides who come a few times a week to help with showers and just helping make sure she is comfortable.

Mamaw has her good days and bad. Unfortunately here lately, the good days are few and far between. She has throat cancer and there is just nothing else they can do for her.

This first picture is Mamaw back in May on our wedding day. this was before all the medical problems which started in June

And this picture is from the day she moved home with hospice care.

One of the small joys we've had is that she keeps requesting my pumpkin pie. ;) Mamaw isn't really supposed to eat things by mouth, but the doctor said it was okay to let her have little bites and help her enjoy her days. She has a feeding tube in her stomach. Needless to say, we have taken a few pumpkin pies to her. ha I believe her helpers enjoy it as much as she does!

For now we're all saying prayers for Mamaw Mary and spending time with family.

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