Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Family Pictures

Here's a little sneak peek at our family photo for this year's Christmas card...this is not the one we're using, but it's very similar. I have a really nice DSLR, so we got dressed, walked outside into the yard, had mom take a few snapshots for us and I took a few more of just the kids, then we called it a day. CHEAP and easy! ha I would have loved to have had a professional photographer take some shots, but since we're pretty low on the extra funds, this was a good compromise. Not to mention we've taken our own photos for some time on when it comes to Christmas cards! ;)

This wasn't the color combo I had in my mind at all...but it ended up being last minute due to weather and the colors popped against the dreary gray day. Win-win, folks!

I will reveal some of the other "keeper" shots after Christmas...we are using some of them as gifts and don't want it to get leaked! haha

You can however see a few outtakes of an attempted shot with our puppies....FAIL.

And then because Jordan had a friend spend the weekend...we didn't wanna exclude her, so the girls took a few pictures together.


  1. these are great! You look amazing and so happy!

  2. Haha - you're right, those puppies really didn't want to cooperate! I love the shot of the girls throwing the leaves in the air!!!



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