Monday, December 2, 2013

Decorating for Christmas & DIY Stockings

I love love love Christmas lights! My favorite thing to do is sit in the dark with only the Christmas tree lighting the room. :)

We decorated a little early this year because we wanted to take a family picture on Thanksgiving by the tree. Looking back on this past week's events (a post for another day this week...I hope), I am glad I had the decorating done early because there wasn't time to do it as we normally do on Black Friday.

Enjoy looking at some of our pretties :)

mom's tree (aka the living room)

the "s&m" deer as we have affectionately laughed about these for a few years (my mom has had them since I was little)

our stockings and fake mantel! ha (Thanks to Missy!)

our tree (and the girls being silly)

our fake mantel complete with puppy dog stockings

And a little DIY project for the crafty types! ;) We needed a stocking for our new baby, Sadie, and Lucky just had a hand-me-down last I was on a mission to create cheap stockings for the both of them. I bought the stockings at Dollar General for $1 each. We already had a set of stencils at home, as well as a brush and the black paint.

And now all the dogs have stockings...and yes, they already have goodies in them! Hmmm...wonder if they've been good enough!?! Emma doesn't think so. haha

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